Ice-Cream Ninjas

The ninjas have wowed Cape Town and Johannesburg with their outrageous ice cream skills and super premium product.

You get to choose from the following:
• Flavours: vanilla, chocolate, coffee, peppermint, crème, black cherry, strawberry, bubblegum, cheesecake, maple syrup
• Stuff we mix in: brownies, cookie dough, astros, turkish delight, jelly babies, jelly beans, popping candy, nunchucks, whispers, kit kat, bar one, oreo, milo, fudge, peanut butter, caramello bear, koeksisters, ginger, wasabi peas, pineapple, caramalised cashews, flaked almonds, pecan nuts, pistachio, apple pie, peppermint crisp, ferrero rocher, Belgian chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, raspberry sauce.
• Alcoholic options can be accommodated
• Servings constitute: 1 scoop, 3 mixes including a sauce

Make your special event epic by including flying ice cream (:)

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